Gregory E. Ransom

I've  been exiled, cast out, banished, and displaced from...the basement.

Yes, the man cave's been overrun by toys. I've retreated to the laptop, my final refuge, my last remaining place of solace. Tune in for regular broadcasts (and mayday messages) about my life as teacher, author, husband of (the) one and father of three very unique boys.




Gregory E. Ransom is a daily survivor within the wilds of his middle school history classroom. Using myths and legends from around the globe, Gregory dives beyond the rote memorization of dates and strives to capture the imagination of his students through story telling. Born in Washington, D.C. and reared in the nearby historical city of Alexandria, VA, Gregory has been a student of the past and diverse culture most of his life.

As an educator, summers have become a time when Gregory can focus on establishing himself as a freelance writer and poet. It took time to get to here; from being chased by an African bull elephant in the Botswana bush, to getting lost in a Central American rain forest, to trying his hand at taming farmland from the seat of a Massey Ferguson tractor in rural North Carolina. With his wife and three young sons, Gregory is now nestled back near his roots in the D.C. Metropolitan area; still adventuring, only now from the safety of his laptop keyboard.


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